Safe and sustainable water supply systems are our main objective!

This requires:

  1. Sustainable protection of water resources

  2. Efficient and safe water treatment

  3. Solid engineering planning

  4. Use of high quality, certified materials

  5. Conscientious construction and supervision

  6. Responsible O&M management

Our core services:

  1. Development of groundwater resources including designation of water protection areas

  2. New developments, expansion projects and rehabilitation planning

  3. Water loss reduction

  4. Engineering and process optimisation of water treatment plants

  5. Conventional treatment (filtration, coagulation/flocculation, de-ironing, demanganisation, deacidification)

  6. Ultrafiltration

  7. Reverse Osmosis

  8. Disinfection

  9. Energy efficiency

Water Supply

Storm Water ManagementSWW-OFE_EN.html
Waste Water ManagementSWW-Abwasser-EN.html


Technical Geology / 
ground investigation SWW-TechGeo-EN.html

Courtesy of: Water Works Villach