The risk regarding founding ground is a risk of the owner!

Ground investigations provide security for owner, architects and construction firms. Early available information about geology and water in the construction area enable the development of a harmonised concept for the project, which takes under consideration requirements of temporary construction pit support systems, foundation and surface drainage, as well as questions of flood protection.

We offer comprehensive geological services and provide support in all phases of a construction project:

  1. Evaluation of geological risks

  2. Clarification of general suitabilty of founding ground

  3. Investigation of eventually existing waste deposits

  4. Ground investigations

  5. Trial pits

  6. Dynamic probing / heavy dynamic probing (DHP)

  7. Soil boring

  8. Temporary construction pit support systems

  9. Recommendationd for foundations

  10. Infiltration behaviour of soil (surface drainage)

  11. Geological mapping

  12. Economic geology (investigation and assessment of raw materials)

  13. Tunnelling (geological documentation and geotechnical consulting)


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