A leakage of 1.0 l/s causes annual pumping costs of about 1,000 € !*              

                               * at an average pressure head of 50 m and  energy costs of 0.17 €/kWh

Do you know:

  1. The volume of water lost from your water supply system?

  2. Which costs are caused by leakage?

  3. Where the water is lost and what are the root causes?

  4. Which options for network monitoring and water loss reduction are available?

  5. How to reduce water losses efficiently?

  1. We analyse your water losses and advise on proper non-revenue water management strategy.

  2. We give advice on innovative and cost efficient network monitoring systems and plan such systems according to the individual framework conditions of your supply system.

  3. We support leakage reduction by choosing appropriate leak detection technology and repair strategies.

  4. We support the optimisation of your failure documentation and failure statistics and develop an appropriate database for maintenance planning.

  5. We ensure the increase of NRW know-how in your company by means of individual training programmes.


Non-Revenue Water Management

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