Around 75 % of the asset value of water supply systems is buried underground, in the form of pipe networks. The figures are similar in other supply sectors. Only an appropriate rehabilitation strategy allows for an economically optimised maintenance with sustainable low life cycle costs.

It all comes down to choosing the appropriate point in time!

Premature rehabilitation is a waste of remaining service life. Delayed rehabilitation generates increased repair and operation costs.

You would like to know the future rehabilitation demand of your network and which appropriation of funds is required for the next 5, 10 or 20 years?

  1. We use innovative software tools for estimating the mid and long term rehabilitation demand.

  2. On the basis of water loss parameters, failure rates and condition assessments of single pipe groups, it is possible to calculate the economically optimal rehabilitation date and to plan and optimise financial resources accordingly.

  3. We are specialised in the rehabilitation planning of the following supply and collection networks:

  4. Water supply

  5. Sanitary sewer

  6. Storm water sewer


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