You would like to know:

  1. About the hydraulic capacity of your distribution network?

  2. Where the hydraulic weak points are to be found in your network?

  3. If, and where in the network, stagnation of water could occur?

  4. What amount of fire-fighting water a single hydrant could deliver?

  5. If the required service pressure according to Austrian Standard B 2538 is being observed?

  1. We use up-to-date hydraulic modelling software to answer these questions and contribute an essential support to your network operation.

  2. On the basis of your network data we generate a hydraulic model of the supply system which is calibrated by defined extraction and pressure measurements according to the actual hydraulic conditions of the network.

  3. Depending on the conditions, we calculate different loading cases (e.g. maximum load, fire case, hydrant capacities) in consideration of actual and future consumption data.

  4. On the basis of the hydraulic modelling, we identify hydraulic weak points, stagnation zones and other optimisation potentials and we define appropriate measures for network optimisation.

  5. We analyse the optimal position of measurement devices for the purpose of network monitoring, as required.

In addition to this, we also offer hydraulic analyses of sanitary and storm water sewer systems.


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